About Us

X-Switch is the new best quality UPS External Maintenance Bypass System, made by Tech Connect in Centerville, Utah.

We have many years’ experience with every brand of UPS system, because we sell and service all brands. In our UPS Service business we frequently see scary bypass switch installations. It’s scary because the bypass switch is a severe single-point-of-failure. If you use the bypass switch incorrectly you’ll drop your critical load. Or worse, you’ll blow up the UPS or the bypass switch, or both!

After years of dealing with confusing and inadequate UPS Bypass Switches, we decided to build our own. Here are some of the common problems that made us decide to design our own UPS bypass switch:

Confusing instructions, or missing altogether.

Cryptic breaker labels like MIS, MBP, RIB, S3, etc.

Confusing operation: one breaker closes to the left, another to the right, another when it’s up.

Our customers love the new X-Switch! They love the short name and the clear labels. They love the customized instructions, and the all-vertical breakers. The installers love the hinged door and the inside labels – they can understand it easily!

It’s always daunting when you have to put the UPS in bypass. You don’t want confusing or cryptic designs!

We have UPS and Generator Full Service Agreements.

Our new Battery Load Tester, the XL-8, solves the worst problems we encounter in our daily pursuit of infallible battery testing for critical UPS systems.

At Tech Connect we have over 100 years of electrical engineering, diagnostic, and field service and repair experience. We’ve been down the road with every kind of UPS problem!

Call us for help sizing and designing your new X-Switch. We can customize it in every way, and we can deliver quickly. Call 877-9000-877.  We’re nice, and we’re very willing to answer all your bypass questions.