Why do 10 year UPS batteries fail in 5 years?

Hold on!  Don't quit yet - there are real reasons for poor UPS battery life and new ways to get significant improvements!  All of us UPS experts have gotten way too used to having UPS batteries last only 50% of their design life.
To achieve long life, each battery has to be charged at the exactly perfect float voltage, within 15/100 of a volt (.15 V.)

Your UPS connects 30 to 40 batteries all in series, and charges them all with one single charger.  That would be OK if the batteries were all perfectly identical to each other, but they never are!  Some take a little overcharge, some take a little undercharge, and they all die much too soon!  

Generex BACS puts a little micro-controller on each battery, and makes the batteries all match each other perfectly within 1/100 of a volt (.01 V.) continuously.


 This graph is amazing.  (So is BACS!)  All 124 batteries are perfectly charged, perfectly ready for a blackout. 

The reason your UPS batteries only give you 50% of design life is this:  They're not exactly identical to each other.  Some of them overcharge a little, then run too warm and die early.  Some undercharge a little, get a little plate sulfation, increase their resistance, and die early.

With BACS, they all charge perfectly the same.  These 124 batteries are actually 40%past their design life, and are still all working!

Generex BACS (Battery Analysis &Care System) not only monitors the batteries, it also heals and perfects them, for best preparedness and longest life.

All you UPS experts get ready for something new and wonderful!  See more at tc-sys.com/generex and call us for more info.  Generex BACS does much more than any other battery management system, but it actually costs less!

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