Rotary X-Switch

The Tech Connect Rotary Bypass X-Switch is an excellent UPS bypass switch. It offers smaller size and lower cost, but still provides all the safety functions of the Premium X-Switch. The main difference is that there are no circuit breakers - it doesn't provide fault protection, just switching.

Unlike circuit breakers, the rotary switch is built to provide Make-Before-Break operation - so the load always stays up when switching from one position to another. No Kirk Keys are needed, so the operation is quick and safe. There is a Solenoid Latch system, so you can't rotate the switch unless the UPS is internally bypassed. This is totally simpler to operate than a breaker bypass system.

The Rotary X-Switch is a 3 position UPS Bypass Switch, with selections for Normal, Test, and Bypass. Utility Power comes into the X-Switch, then into the UPS. UPS Power goes back into the X-Switch, then to your critical load. When you rotate the switch to the Test or Bypass positions, your load gets power directly from the Utility, through the X-Switch - not from the UPS.

In the Test Position, input power still goes to the UPS so you can test its operation, but the load doesn't receive power out of the UPS - it gets bypass power from the utility. In the Bypass Position, the UPS input and output are both cut off from the utility and the load - the UPS is isolated. The load runs on utility power but the UPS is de-energized. (Except for the batteries.)

We can build Rotary X-Switches for single or three phase UPS's, up to sizes of 765 Amps.

The Rotary X-Switch can be in a wall mounted or rack mounted panel.


We can also include these options:

  • SRU Solenoid Release Unit
  • Aux Contacts
  • 19" Rack Mount
  • Break-Before-Make operation
  • Output Distribution
  • Parallel Tie Cabinet with multiple input & output breakers for multiple UPS's

Call us for pricing - this is an excellent new product from Tech Connect, your premier UPS Bypass Switch provider.

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X-Switch Rotary Bypass for 1 or 3 Phase UPS with Input Power to the UPS, up to 600 VAC
3 Pos Make-Before-Break (Normal-Test-Bypass), with door closing over the switch handle.


208 V.
max kVA
Diag 2
480 V.
max kVA
Diag 2
without SRU
w x h x d
with SRU
w x h x d
 3 Pos 3 Pole for 3 Phase UPS - Wall Mount Enclosure


22 50 14 x 16 x 11 14 x 16 x 11
XSR3-85-3NW 85 30 70 20 x 24 x 17 20 x 24 x 17
XSR3-130-3NW 130 46 108 20 x 24 x 17 20 x 24 x 17
XSR3-255-3NW 255 92 212 20 x 24 x 17  
XSR3-510-3NW 510 184 425 36 x 48 x 20 36 x 48 x 20
XSR3-765-3NW 775 376 636    

 2 Pos 3 Pole for 3 Phase UPS - Bypass Only, no Test Position, no UPS input
 XSR2-510-3NW  510 184
   36 x 48 x 20
 3 Pos 2 Pole for 1 Phase 120/240 V. UPS - Wall Mount Enclosure     
     208/240 V      
 XSR3-60-2NW  60  12/14    14 x 16 x 11  14 x 16 x 11
 XSR3-85-2NW  85  17/20    20 x 24 x 17  
 XSR3-130-2NW  130  27/31      
 XSR3-255-3NW  255  53/61      
 XSR3-510-3NW  550  106/122      
 XSR3-765-3NW  775  159/183      

 XSR2-130-3SN  130 nakd
14 x 18 x ??
 XSR2-255-3SN  255 nakd
92 212 2183
18.2 x 18.2 x ??
(both include SRU & output terminal strip)      
Rotary X-Switch with SRU provides BOTH safety features: 
1st safety:  Force Make-Before-Break operation    
Rotary - automatic      Breakers - add Kirk Keys 
2nd safety: Force UPS bypass before switching    
Rotary - add SRU       Breakers - add SKRU & Kirk Keys 
With Economy X-Switch (or anyone else's bypass) you get one safety feature or the other, never both.      
Rotary - you give up Overcurrent Protection (no breakers), but it's much smaller and simpler to use      
By adding the SRU, you get both safety features, without buying a Premium X-Switch.      
Rotary:  Switching to Bypass is MUCH SIMPLER than with breakers - just turn the switch handle!